The last city on Earth?

The world was lost. Hopalong had a choice save the Earth or recreate it in His image. This is the setting for the main Hopalong Camanshii series. 

Neodelphians are enhanced humans who, since birth, have been nurtured on the techno-organic blood of Hopalong Camanshii. The substance gives them eternal life as well as enhanced abilities. 

With no real challenges in this world, many citizens elect to become part of the Great machine, adding their consciousness to maintain the city’s ceroservers in exchange for living in a paradise inside their minds. 

Neodelphians treat Hopalong Camanshii and his band, The Synaptic Kush, as Gods in this world. 

Many Neodelphians cure their boredom by visiting one of the many Pleasure Centers around this Mega City. 

Neodelphia Timeline up to Hopalong Camanshii issue 1

Visited by the Omnipotent beings called the Incorporals, Godly beings from an unknown dimension, the Earth undergoes judgment and is found wanting. The event known as the Great Recreation sweeps the planet  

The World partially rebuilds itself mostly focused around eastern Pennslyvania forming the city Neodelphia. Thought long dead in The Great Recreation, Hopalong Camanshii, and The Synaptic Kush returns to Earth with amazing powers and no knowledge of what happened in the past 100 years. 

After a century fighting crimes as ageless heroes in this new Megalopolis stopping the mysterious superpowered Neodelphians emerging around the city. 

Hopalong Camanshii and the Synaptic Kush battle with the forces of the resurrected  Jim Crow Commandos for the next 100 years. 

Unable to kill any Neodelphia because of their natural mortality and regenerative abilities, Hopalong Camanshii decides to neutralize rebellious factions using technology gifted to him by Incorporals who have secretly returned and only speak to Hopalong. 

After curing the world of super-villains, Hopalong Camanshii decides to take over Neodelphia for the preservation of humanity. The Church of Divine Simplicity is created and all citizens are forced to worship. 

This catches you up to the event of Hopalong Camanshii Issue 1. 

Various advertisements from the world of Neodelphia.